Real Estate Coaching Radio Takes Off!

Still haven't had time to visit the hottest new radio show for agents & brokers? I'm talking about Real Estate Coaching Radio - and if you haven't visited us yet, this is the time! Our lineup of news & interviews with real estate industry leaders has never been hotter - which is why our audience keeps growing by tens of thousands of agents every month.

But hey, it's not a popularity contest - what Real Estate Coaching Radio is all about is a forum for advice from top-producing agents, for aspiring top-producers, to help them get motivated and take action.

Before you say "yeah, this is a rah-rah cheerfest" actually visit Real Estate Coaching Radio to find out what we're covering: hard-news, solid commentary from industry leaders, and interviews on tech products with the people who developed them - along with tons of practical, proven tips to list & sell more homes, faster, in any market conditions.

So WHY are we doing this show? Well, other coaching organizations want you to sign up & fly to a training event they host once a year....but if you don't want to be stuck in a Las Vegas Hotel in the August heat just to hear somebody present, then you've got an alternative - and that's why we're in it.

We bring the news, advice, and interviews to you - listen online or through iTunes anytime - and if you tune in during showtime at 12pm Pacific Time, then call-in to our audience line at 347-857-1195, and we'll get you on-air to add your own thoughts & opinions to the show!

That's right: this is a LIVE show, not a canned production - with real people, sometimes real technical-issues (ughh!), and honest to goodness up-to-the-minute news on the people & events that are shaping our industry.

So are we like Inman? No way! We're not trying to be a major news organization - just a practical, success-driven forum for agents to listen, learn, and implement ideas that will make them money in today's recovering marketplace.

This is NOT an hour-long commercial everyday. I repeat, NOT a commercial. Real news, real interviews, real audience, and real fun! Join us and find out - you've got nothing to lose. Listen while you drive, catch up on your email, or relax after a hot day on the streets selling homes.....just listen, to Real Estate Coaching Radio.


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2 commentsTim and Julie Harris • August 01 2014 10:59PM
Real Estate Coaching Radio Takes Off!
Still haven't had time to visit the hottest new radio show for agents & brokers? I'm talking about Real Estate Coaching Radio - and if you haven't visited us yet, this is the time! Our lineup of news & interviews with real estate industry… more
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